Wild Pollinator Count Feedback
We're keen to improve the Wild Pollinator Count by better understanding participants' experiences and preferences. Can you help us by spending 5 minutes completing our survey? We'd much appreciate it.
How many Wild Pollinator Counts have you participated in?
Do you find our online form for submitting observations easy to use?
Please tell us why or why not …
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Do you feel confident that you can identify insects to the categories we ask for in the Wild Pollinator Count?
If you are not confident with insect identification for the count, which insects do you have the most trouble recognising on flowers?
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Would you like to see more blog content posted on our website
Please indicate how interested you would be in the following additional activities if offered by the Wild Pollinator Count.
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Short online training module to help improve your identification skills
Additional social media presence across multiple platforms
Opportunity to undertake and submit a count at any time of year, not just during count periods
Any other comments or suggestions?
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Thank you!
We appreciate your participation. Please use the button below to submit your responses.

This survey will remain open until our spring 2017 count (12th to 19th November).

Find out more about Wild Pollinator Count at https://wildpollinatorcount.com.

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