Wellesley College Music Department Contract for Music Lessons
Contract for Music 99, 198, 199, 298, 299, 344 and Group Lessons

LESSON FEES - Fall 2016

*Not for Credit/Course 99:
-30 minute lesson: $507 per semester
-45 minute lesson: $760.50 per semester
-60 minute lesson: $1014. per semester

*For Credit/Course 198, 199:
-45 minute lesson: $507 per semester
-60 minute lesson: $760.50 per semester

*For Credit/Course 298, 299:
-60 minute lesson: $507 per semester

*For Credit/Course 344:
-60 minute lesson: No fee

*Group Lessons in Voice or Guitar:
Voice (1 semester) - $150
Guitar (2 semesters) - $300

Students taking non-credit lessons (Mus 99 and Group Instruction) and for-credit lessons (198, 199, 298, 299, 344) are charged using the above-referenced lesson fee schedule. Students receiving financial aid who produce a copy of their financial aid award information, receive for-credit lessons (MUS 198, 199, 298, 299) free of charge. STUDENTS WHO NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TAKING NON-CREDIT (99) LESSONS SHOULD SPEAK to ELIKO AKAHORI, Director of the Music Performance Program; eakahori@wellesley.edu. Please note all students will be charged a mandatory fee of $35 per year for the use of the practice studios ($45 for fortepiano, harpsichord or organ). Please contact Magdalen Christian at 781-283-2077 or mchristi@wellesley.edu if you have questions or need assistance completing this form.

IMPORTANT CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This is a binding agreement for music lessons for 2016-17. As well as completing this contract each year, you must register for lessons each semester. You will have a performance examination each semester you take for-credit lessons, and you will receive constructive criticism regarding your performance each semester rather than over the course of the academic year. Please note: You are required to take one academic Music course per year while taking for-credit lessons. Credit will be revoked if the required Music course is not taken. If a student decides to discontinue lessons, NO REFUNDING OF FEES is possible after the completed contract is submitted. The completed contract is DUE BY the End of the ADD period.

PAYMENT OF MUSIC FEES is due within 30 days of submission of the contract. Checks should be made payable to Wellesley College and given to the College Cashier in Green Hall, Room 139 with your student ID number on the check for proper deposit. Payment can also be made by way of WWW.AFFORD.COM. You can pay by on-line check with no charge or by credit card with a processing fee. Please contact Student Financial Services if you have questions regarding this service. Thank you.

1. Name
Please insert LAST NAME FIRST and then first name, for example: Smith, Janet
Your answer
2. Class Year (and institution name and address if you are a non-Wellesley student)
Your answer
3. Wellesley College ID Number (Non-Wellesley students will need to talk to the Wellesley Registrar regarding creation of a student ID, if you don't have one.)
Your answer
4. Campus email (and personal email address if you are a non-Wellesley student)
Your answer
5. Cell phone number
Your answer
7. What is your instrument of study?
voice, piano, etc.
Your answer
8. Teacher's Last Name
Please list the LAST NAME ONLY
Your answer
8a. Have you and your instructor discussed and agreed on your course level and length of your lesson each week?
Please speak to your instructor immediately, if you and your instructor have not fully discussed your course level and length of your lesson.
Your answer
9. What is your Music course number?
Please choose one of the following options.
10. Do you plan to continue this course of study in the spring? If no, please give a reason.
Your answer
11. What is the length of your lesson each week? (Group Study students please go to the Question 12.)
Please list 30, 45 or 60 minutes
Your answer
12. Do you plan to take lessons on another instrument? If yes, what is the instrument and course of study?
Sample answer: Yes, voice, 199
Your answer
13. Are you receiving FINANCIAL AID as determined by Wellesley College Financial Aid Office? (For Wellesley College Students, only)
If you answered YES and are taking lessons for credit, please send Magdalen Christian (Jewett 205) a copy of your financial aid award information by email or by hand.
14. Are you a New Music Lesson Student and is this the first time you've taken music lessons at Wellesley? (Non-Wellesley and Group Lesson students, please skip to the end and submit form with your signature and date.)
15. As a NEW MUSIC LESSON STUDENT, what theory course was recommended to you?
Please note the theory course number; for example: Mus 100
Your answer
16. When do you plan to take the Music course noted above: In the fall 2015 or the spring 2016?
Example: fall 2015
Your answer
17. Are you a CONTINUING MUSIC STUDENT? (New Music Lesson Students should go to the end of the form, sign, date and submit it.)
18. Please list your corequisite music course this academic year and note the semester when you plan to take it.
Example: Mus 122 in spring
Your answer
19. For Continuing Music Students: Please list all Music courses completed in previous semesters.
Your answer
I read and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract. (Please see the terms and conditions at the top of this contract.)
Please sign and date this contract, below, using a chosen electronic signature (for example: Jan Smith, 4/9/15) and then submit it. Thank you.
Your answer
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