Horizons and OnTop Director Profile - Staff Input (2019)
Administrative Leadership Competencies: These are the competencies we identify and expect in our administrators. Please review and provide us with your perspective in relation to the questions below.

Instructional Leadership: Sets high expectations for learning outcomes and monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of instruction.

Accountability: Promotes internal and external responsibility and accountability for student achievement and well-being.

Establishes Directions: Ensures that the District's vision is clearly articulated, shared, understood, and acted upon by all.

Builds Relationships with People: Fosters genuine trusting relationships with students, staff, families, and the community and empowers others to work in the best interest of all students.

Develops the Organization: Encourages a school culture of change and promotes shared knowledge and shared responsibility for outcomes.

Values Diversity and Equity: Understands the richness and diversity of the school community and promotes equitable access to opportunity and achievement.
School Profile/Unique Characteristics. Describe the profiles of Horizons and/or OnTop:
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Please identify the three competency areas (as defined above) that are most needed to serve the Horizons and OnTop programs:
What qualities and/or skills do you feel are needed in an administrator to continue to move these programs forward? Please identify three.
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What questions you would ask a potential director candidate? (Please limit to 3 questions.)
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