Pylot - Lift off your dev journey with Python
CodeRIT and GDSC RIT is collaborating to bring you the much awaited Python Workshop.

Someone once told "Python can be used to build anything and everything". And we totally agree with that. We'll be building a super cool GUI Application from SCRATCH! This is the type of project you can show off in your resume!!

This is an opportunity for you to learn python from the start and know how each and everything in it works!

def pylot():

        date = "27th and 28th June, 2022"

        time = "04:30PM - 06:30PM"

        venue = "ESB Seminar Hall 1"
        if queries is True:
                contact1 = ("Jayant Sogikar", "+91 8884553723")
                contact2 = ("Gandham Prasanthi", "+91 8892450188")
        invited = "you :)"

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You don't have to worry about whether its an old or new laptop, we'll try to help you get your apps running either on your machine/using an online environment.
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How to Install Python on my local system?

Here is a tutorial that will help you install python and set it up on VSCode.

Which packages should I install for this workshop?

Once python3 and pip are set up, run the following command:
python3 -m pip install pandas numpy pygame

Or (if above doesn't work)

python -m pip install pandas numpy pygame

Or (if above doesn't work)

pip install pandas numpy pygame
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