Tri-County Institute Presentation Proposal Form ---- February 14, 2020 ---- Centralia High School, Centralia, IL
Please submit a separate form for each new topic; If you have any questions please contact LaVonda Nichols at Kaskaskia Special Education: or (618)532-4721; Proposals should be submitted by November 30, 2019.
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If multiple presenters will be presenting this session, please list the lead presenter name in the "Presenter 1" fields below, and list any remaining presenters' names in the "Additional Presenters" field.
Packets containing conference details such as room and session assignments will be mailed or distributed by the end of January/early February to the lead presenter, and he/she will need to share the information with other presenters in the group.
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**Please submit this form again for any additional topics** We are only able to accept 1 topic per form submission.
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You may list a range or individual level.
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Description of the Session
Please list a brief description. This will be used for the Program/Booklet for the conference.
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If handouts will be presented with your session, please submit them to LaVonda by fax or email no later than January 31, 2020. Handouts are made available to participants electronically via the ROE website.

**Permission to post handouts to the site is assumed upon submission.**
Session Options - Single or Double Sessions
Please note:
New for 2020 - 5 Sessions will now be offered instead of 6

The conference is set up to allow for 5 sessions for the day. Single sessions are 50 minutes in length. You may select the single session format or you may choose to present as a double session. Double sessions are 100 minutes in length, and you may present up to 2 double sessions for the day.

-- Please select to present as either Single or Double sessions. Please do not select both single and double presentations for the same topic.
Please indicate how many single sessions you will present
Please indicate how many double sessions you will present
Accommodations Needed for Presentation - Please check all that apply
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If you will be using a Power Point Presentation, please let us know which version will be used
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