Global Village Program Coordinator Application
Global Village Program Coordinators are responsible for organizing and leading cultural programming within their individual living and learning communities. Program Coordinators work under the supervision of the Global Village Community Coordinator and the Center for International Education. They receive curricular and programming input from corresponding faculty advisors who work in the Department of World Languages & Cultures and serve on the Global Village Advisory Council. Program Coordinators should be enthusiastic, highly involved with cultural activities on campus, motivated to share and eager to engage others. Students can only apply to be the Program Coordinator for a living and learning community if they meet the application requirements for that community.

This form must be filled out in addition to the application to reside in a Global Village living and learning community. You must be a resident of a Global Village living and learning community in order to hold a Program Coordinator position.

The Program Coordinators will receive modest financial compensation for their work throughout the year.
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