LIT-SIS Petition for Merger with DET-SIS
LIT-SIS Petition for Merger with DET-SIS

WHEREAS, the current strategic plan for LIT-SIS states “The chair or designated board members shall reach out to leadership of Digital and Educational Technologies SIS and the Teaching Technology Caucus to identify areas of shared interest and potential collaboration. If those organizations are willing, leadership shall discuss whether some form of organizational consolidation is desirable.”;
WHEREAS, the leaderships of LIT-SIS and Digital and Education Technologies SIS (DET-SIS) desire a consolidation;
WHEREAS, the membership of DET-SIS has voted to support a consolidation;
The membership of LIT-SIS finds:
LIT-SIS and DET-SIS share common goals of leadership and innovation in law library technology;
LIT-SIS and DET-SIS could better meet these goals as one, unified SIS; and
LIT-SIS and DET-SIS can better serve their memberships as a unified SIS with combined leadership and funds.
So, the undersigned members of LIT-SIS ask that the governing body of AALL:
Merge these two SIS groups;
Allow the newly formed SIS to waive any period as a caucus, as the existing SIS groups have demonstrated the ability to govern themselves;
Combine any existing funds from the two groups and deposit them into an account for the newly formed SIS;
Allow to use the existing elected officials of both groups to govern the newly formed SIS, with the SIS to resume a normal election cycle as needed;
Allow the two groups to operate independently until after the 2021 AALL Annual Meeting in order to preserve previous work on programming, grants, and social events.

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