Weatherford Public School Virtual Education Application
Although virtual education is an educational option, it may not be the best option for all students. It is crucial to make a determination if full-time virtual enrollment will be an appropriate educational placement. Full-time virtual learning isn’t for every student. To be successful, a student must be independent, self-motivated, and have significant home support. The following questions are to assist with this determination. Making sure that a student is placed in a learning environment where they can be successful is of the utmost importance. Please answer the following questions with full disclosure and based on your best knowledge and understanding.
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If the student applicant has previously been enrolled, what company was the curriculum provider?
Will the applicant have access to reliable transportation on an as-needed basis to report to campus when required? *
Does the applicant receive any special services?
Students in 7th-12th grades may choose a blended option. A student in a blended option would be required to take all core classes online and still attend a select few elective classes on site. List the classes the applicant would be interested in. Examples: Band, Athletics, Art, Technology Ed., Agriculture Ed., Family & Consumer Science
Explain why this student wants to enroll in a virtual education program.
What challenges might your student encounter with a blended or full-time virtual learning experience?
I have answered all the questions in this application to the best of my judgment with the understanding that the responses given may assist with making a determination for my child’s best educational placement. I also understand that as a parent/guardian, I will be required to participate in an informational meeting with my child to complete the enrollment process. *
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