Canadian Unitarian Council AGM: Delegate Registration 2019
Please register your congregation's approved delegates who will be voting on behalf of your congregation at the Canadian Unitarian Council's Annual General Meeting on May 11, 2019. We ask that one person be designated to complete this registration by April 1, 2019.

To be eligible to vote:

1) Your congregation must be a member in good standing with the CUC: i) the Annual Program Contribution (APC) is not in arrears; ii) your congregation has held its Annual General Meeting and regular services in the last year; and iii) there is a governance structure in place;
2) Your delegates need to be duly approved by your congregation's board of directors;
3) Your delegates must be registered by April 1st, 2019.

For congregations who are participating and voting on-line, please appoint a Credentials Officer, who is approved by your board of directors and who will be responsible for confirming the number of delegates present.

CUC By-Law, Section 3.1 on Delegates, reads as follows:

As provided in the articles of continuance, each member congregation shall be entitled to representation by a delegate or delegates at any Annual or Special Meeting of the Council, and the total number of delegates from each member congregation shall be in proportion to the number of members of such congregation as declared by the duly authorized officers of the congregation at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting or Special meeting in Accordance with the following table:

Number of Members Number of Delegates
Up to one hundred 2
One hundred and one to one hundred fifty 3
One hundred fifty-one to two hundred 4
Two hundred and one to two hundred fifty 5
Two hundred fifty-one to three hundred 6
Three hundred and one to three hundred fifty 7
Three hundred fifty-one to four hundred 8
Four hundred and one to four hundred fifty 9
Four hundred fifty-one and over 10
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