T.O Refillery Mobile Resident Survey
The T.O Refillery Mobile, is looking to be Toronto's next projected solution to provide accessibility to Neighborhood Improvement Areas and/or Priority Neighborhoods of Toronto, access to affordable kitchen staples, snacks, and household & personal care products - ready for refill with your clean containers!

We are seeking residents' input via Multiple Choice and Open Ended Questions. Some questions asked will be: challenges you face doing groceries in your neighborhood, what do you wish could help with that, and thoughts on delivery services vs. grocery stores.

Input collected, will be used to demonstrate various Toronto Priority Neighborhoods' needs and comfortability into the T.O Refillery Mobile as an accessible solution that will allow communities to reduce their carbon footprint.

Currently, this solution is still in the ideation stage.

Thank you for your time and input of this survey, it is sincerely appreciated.

-Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns at: torefillerymobile@gmail.com 
-Follow us on Instagram: @to.refillerymobile
-Get to know more of this solution with Women 4 Climate: https://w4c.org/profile/toronto-kristine-lorzano

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What is your age range? *
Which Priority Neighborhood do you live in? *
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What are some challenges you face doing groceries in your neighborhood? (E.g. Distance is too far from home, Walks are under a bridge or unsafe paths, Expensive grocery prices etc.) *
What do you wish or think could help with the challenges you face? (E.g. How can your neighborhood improve, or What services do you think could help yourself?) *
What are your thoughts on food delivery services vs. (versus) shopping at grocery stores in person? *
How do you travel to do your groceries? (Select all that apply, or your main preferences) *
Do you already reuse containers at home for something else? (E.g. Margarine containers for leftovers, Sauce Jars for chocolates) *
How likely are you to bring your own reusable containers or bottles to our Refillery Truck? (We aim to provide sanitization steps should this solution be funded, in addition to providing containers for purchase if residents do not have) *
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