Piano Lessons (available for students in Grades 2-8) Christ the Lord Lutheran School
The teacher will, to the best of her ability, provide a learning atmosphere for each student. This is best accomplished by maintaining a regular lesson schedule to be honored by both teacher and student. For each lesson to be productive, the student must have all music and assignment notebook available. For those students who arrive at their lesson without some or all of their music, a brief lesson will be conducted in theory and/or technique using materials that the teacher will have available which is appropriate to the child’s level.

It is normally expected that a student is enrolled for a full school year. If it becomes necessary to discontinue lessons, advance notice should be given. If the teacher finds it necessary, a consultation may be requested with parents of a student who is not making progress. Every effort will be made to help each student succeed.

Parental involvement is critical to this success. Establish a daily routine of practice. Make five to six days a week the goal. Expect a specific goal to be accomplished during each practice session (playing carefully through each piece at least three times, drilling trouble spots in each piece five times, or practicing for a concentrated period, 10 minutes/beginners, 20 minutes/advanced beginners, 30 minutes/intermediate students). The goal may be different for each student and their individual personality or learning style as well as their achievement level.

Provide a well-lit area where concentrated practice time may be spent with few distractions. Sit down with your child, especially at the beginning of each practice week. Review the notes made in the assignment book to be sure your child knows what to practice and what specific improvements might be made in each piece. Use the assignment book to jot down questions and concerns for the teacher. Then, make sure that the assignment book is taken to the lesson since it is a valuable resource for the teacher. Be interested, be supportive and offer praise to your child. If your child must miss a lesson because of illness, medical appointment, family vacation or school field trip, please contact Mrs. Kolander as soon as you become aware of the absence. Two days have been provided in the lesson calendar (January and May) to allow for make-up lessons which are offered to students when notice of an absence is provided.

The piano lesson calendar year provides for each student to receive thirty lessons. The total number of lessons will be multiplied by the lesson fee ($13.00) and then divided by the four quarters of the school year. This will provide a consistent fee for each student throughout the school year. If you wish, you have the option to pay the entire year’s fee or each semester’s fee in a lump sum. You will need to indicate your payment schedule preference on the registration form. If a problem arises for your family which makes this obligation difficult, please contact me.

At least two performance opportunities will be provided for each student during the lesson year. These recitals provide achievement goals for mastery of at least one piece of music as well as positive reinforcement of the efforts they are making in their studies. Late beginner and intermediate students will have several other performance options in weekly chapel services, WLHS Piano Festival and CTL closing service.

Piano Instructor
Mrs. Luann Kolander + lukolander@gmail.com + 262-510-8988
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