Clark County Museum 1 October memorial items information form
Thank you for assisting Clark County Museum with preserving the memory of our community's reaction to this tragedy.
Please provide the following information regarding items you placed at the 1 October memorials at the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign or in the median of Las Vegas Boulevard at Reno Ave.
Due to the nature of the memorials, some items may have been destroyed, lost, or given to the families of the victims. Therefore, Clark County Museum may not be able to match your description to any of the items in the collection. We appreciate your understanding and patience.
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Please give a brief description of the item(s) you left at the memorial site.
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Please tell us why you decided to leave the item(s) at the memorial.
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Do you have photos of the item you would be willing to share with Clark County Museum? (We will contact you regarding the photos)
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