PolisPay Listing
In order to start the process we need to agree on the following terms:

1. We will handle all the backend integration.
2. We will work the required exchange API Wrappers for liquidity.
3. We will start the integration into the PolisPay App.
4. Setup hot-wallets, shift functionality and (if applies) masternode monitoring.

You will take charge and responsibility of:
1. Take responsibility of any issue on your blockchain Blockchain.
2. Make sure you inform us on any issue ASAP.
3. Integrate your coin into electrumx repo: https://github.com/kyuupichan/electrumx (If you need help, contact @PolisPayCronos on telegram)
4. Pay the 10000 POLIS fee to the following address PEwNeb99RhKteFtn2wTyPNWrVbKe75eZUJ.

ETA: 2 weeks after the fee is paid.

When you pay the listing fee, you will be contacted within the next business day. If you want to talk directly with the developers, reach @PolisPayCronos or @ErosPolis on telegram.

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