EWB Executive Recruitment & Membership Form 2018/19
Thank you for your interest in joining the Engineers Without Borders Team!

Steps to learn more about EWB and the open positions:

1. Our Chapter Summary Document can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IqK8-pyVrSghJR-huUEeohl8iGPXjBHC-J03H_UnTgg
2. Click each link found below to learn about the Chapter Sectors that interest you!
3. Check out our official website: https://utoronto.ewb.ca/en/

If you want to learn more about any of the initiative or questions in general send an email to utoronto@ewb.ca!

See below for open current positions!

Chapter Wide
Lead: David Boroto

Information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eCPbkEjasC_XZTkY5tnmy22Q4wj8hJfrHwX8C5lXo8Y/edit?usp=sharing

Open Positions:
- Fundraising Lead

Member Learning Space
Leads: Craig Gauder and Molly McGrail

Hi friends! The idea behind member learning space is that in order to make a lasting impact and raise awareness about global development, we ourselves need to be educated about global development! In that spirit, we hold weekly sessions where students can come and learn about various topics like global health, ethical shopping, careers in global development, and the role of women in international issues (among many others)! We bring in speakers, run workshops, and have more informal discussions (drinks and snacks provided). We also provide online content and discussions to continue the learning outside the space.

We are recruiting people to help us on our learning adventure with things like speaker outreach, online content, and logistics. If the Member Learning space seems interesting to you, we will find a role that suits you best!

If you are interested in running an ML session, please fill out this separate form: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15KBZJdc8UCV4cZAm5EXutw0uWhNs4F36KaO8wNIlRgQ

Political Advocacy
Lead: David Boroto

Information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eCPbkEjasC_XZTkY5tnmy22Q4wj8hJfrHwX8C5lXo8Y/edit?usp=sharing

Open Positions:
- Head Writer and Media Relations Manager
- Social Media Coordinator

Fair Trade
More information to come!
Equitable Food Systems
Leads: Claudia Nguyen (Indy 1T9) and Mike Shi (ECE 2T0)

Hi! We're EFS, and our aim is to fight for food justice in our communities. If you're interested in addressing food insecurity and poverty in Toronto, consider joining our initiatives in urban gardening and emergency food relief. We're looking for passionate individuals who want to learn, listen, and take action to fight for fair access to affordable, culturally appropriate foods for all.

Open Positions:
- 4 NGO Leads
- General Members

Read more about EFS in our Vision, Mission and Mandate:

Youth Engagement

-VP Outreach
-VP Content
-VP Logistics

- EWBooster Co-Chair
- SCYLC Co-Chair


- Portfolio and Project Communication Aid
- Alumni Network Lead
- Arts and Science Expansion Lead

Indigenous Allyship Program
Hey there! We're a new group that just started up last year. Our goal is to create a space where students can learn about the importance of reconciliation and strive to become good allies. We're looking for respectful individuals who want to learn more about the land we live on to help us expand. The link below has a bit more information about our mission and goals for the upcoming year. Thank you for your interest!


- Learning Lead
- Speaker Series Lead
- Liaison Lead

Global Engineering
Portfolio Co-Leads: Helen Wang & Jacqueline Fleisig

The world is in your hands. Global Engineering provides you with the tools and the opportunities to tackle societal problems both at home and abroad through collaborative projects with our community partners, interactive workshops during Global Engineering week, informative discussions in our research and industry panels, and much more! The link below expands on what we do, our vision and mission for the coming year, and how you can get involved.


We are currently recruiting:
- GE Panel Lead (For more information about the position https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WCu7SMwo8cgWOQ6vy4mNqppET0KYLHjaCm_4uk7-KdI/edit?usp=sharing)
- Community Projects Team Managers & Team Members ( For more information about the position https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HB5ozbRnlfft9Yxio-18pL5JSnGxxVb_4xMo_ySTBxY/edit?usp=sharing)

If you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to email us at ge.ewbuoft@gmail.com or shoot us a message on Facebook or Slack!

Thanks for your interest and hope to see you on the team!

Local Poverty Alleviation
Leads: Adam El Masri and Rachel Wong

Interested in developing sustainable, scalable, innovative projects addressing poverty?

Find out vision, mission, and mandate here:

Find our project description here:

Open Positions:
Poverty Alleviation Pathfinders(2) - help us build a transit program for homeless and at risk youth!

Available Positions:
-Global Development Case Competition Lead
-Hackathon Design Lead
General Member
Become a part of the chapter with involvement in events or a specific initiative!
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