Fair Use Boot Camp: How to Document Your Fair Use Argument 

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 – 4pm to 530pm; Online Workshop (limited to 25 attendees) 

This workshop is focused on faculty and students who use copyrighted materials.  

The first 60 minutes of this workshop will provide an overview of copyright law, the public domain, authors/creators- and copyright holders-rights (and exceptions to those rights), and how to document a Fair Use argument; the final 30 minutes of the workshop will include discussing the concerns attendees bring to the class and documenting their Fair Use arguments.  

This online workshop will not be recorded to allow those attending to openly discuss their copyright issues.  

This workshop will cover
What can be copyrighted, copyright terms, copyright law exemptions (like Fair Use), and the public domain;
Authors’ (and creators’) exclusive rights to their work;  
the four factors of Fair Use (U.S. Code, Title, 17, Section 107);
Fair Use documentation tools; and
Codes of Best Practices for Media Use in different disciplines

In the unlikely event that more than 25 people register for this workshop, additional workshops will be offered in March.  

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