COVID-19 Mini-Grant Emergency Funding Form
United Way is offering dollars in mini-grants to assist organizations with the implementation of programs that are being created, changed, and/or increasing in demand due to COVID-19. These mini-grants will prioritize the needs of United Way agencies.

However, organizations in Lewis, Marion, Monroe, Ralls, and Shelby Counties in Missouri that are not United Way agencies can apply for grant funding as well. Additional documentation including financial statements, proof of IRS status, etc. will be required for dispersal of funds.
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Give a brief overview of the program(s) your organization implements. *
What program is in need of funding due to COVID-19? Is this program new, being modified, or increasing in demand? Please explain the program's need and intent.
Explain how these dollars would be utilized. *
Dollars from the United Way of the Mark Twain Area can ONLY be used to support programs in Marion, Monroe, Ralls, Lewis, and Shelby Counties in Missouri. If you serve additional counties, how can you prove dollars are only used to support the work of these counties? *
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