Veterinarians International: Valdivia, Chile
Veterinarians International is sending a veterinary team to Chile monthly to partner with the GAAP in providing sterilizations (if applicable), health consultations, and educational programs to the local community where your expertise will enable local health care workers to expand their knowledge base.

Each month, Vets International is a sending 2 volunteers (a veterinarian and a veterinary technician) to the beautiful city of Valdivia to spend one week collaborating with the Chilean clinic. Volunteers will gain valuable international experience by providing veterinary services to the community, exchanging ideas with local veterinarians, and learning about the free-roaming dog issue first-hand.

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Veterinarians: please tell us about your experience
For example: Have you ever worked on remote spay/neuter campaigns? What is your general background and years of experience? Are you specialized in a certain field or do you have a special interest in a field? Do you have any specific personal professional goals you would like to fulfill on this trip? Please elaborate!
Veterinary technicians: please tell us about your experience
For example: Have you ever worked on remote spay/neuter campaigns? Do you have an area of specialty? Number of years in practice? Any specific goals you would like to fulfill on this trip? Do you enjoy teaching others? Please elaborate!
Can you come as a team?
We have found the most successful veterinary teams are ones that come from a clinic as a group of two or three: one veterinarian and one or two technicians. Is this something that you would consider?
Trip Costs *
All volunteers are required to pay for your own international, ground travel, food and lodging. We provide detailed costs for everyone, but in general, total costs in Chile are $380-500 USD plus your international return flight.
Fundraising *
Every year, the majority of our volunteers have done fundraising events in their communities or place of work or business. They traditionally aim to raise $1,000 (in addition to their trip costs) to donate to VI's Healthy Pets Program. Their efforts have kept this and other projects going year after year.
Security Deposit *
Once we make our final decision on volunteers, we will be asking for a non-refundable deposit of approximately $250 USD 2 months before your intended leave date to Chile.
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Working in a different country can be challenging and takes most people out of their comfort zone. I understand that this work will involve the following and I feel comfortable working under these circumstances (please check each one if you agree OR explain below)
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