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Thank you for applying to serve as an official with us this season! Istrouma Sports is a gospel-centered ministry of Istrouma Baptist Church that intentionally creates opportunities to glorify God and make disciples through sports and recreation. Please understand that when you apply to officiate at Istrouma Sports, you are therefore applying to be an Istrouma Baptist Church volunteer.
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Choices are based on divisions for Basketball 2021.
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I agree to complete a background check provided by Istrouma Sports, if necessary. *
I have read pages 1-7 and page 12 of the "Neglect & Abuse Prevention Policies" for Istrouma Baptist Church by clicking on the link below. I acknowledge below that I have been given access to a copy of both the SUMMARY OF LOUISIANA CHILD ABUSE OR NEGLECT REPORTING LAW (L.S.A-R.S. 14:403; LA 601-616) and the Neglect and Abuse Prevention Policy of Istrouma Baptist Church. I have read and understand both documents. I understand that my services as an employee or volunteer worker of Istrouma Baptist Church who works with those the church’s policy seeks to protect is dependent on my strict adherence to these policies. *
Have you ever been reported for abuse or misconduct involving children? If yes, please elaborate. *
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense? If yes, please elaborate. *
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