WeberHub Beta-Test Phase
The WeberHub platform is a very welcome alternative to the monopolized and cumbersome system that social media platforms have become today.

Beyond that, the empowering of people’s voices, and the opportunity for local businesses to be seen, heard and appreciated by a local and global audience makes the WeberHub platform refreshingly innovative.

The reward based system of Webercoin, takes the platform to a whole new level.

Check out for more info on the next generation of social media.

- Join our social media pages. On instagram, twitter, telegram @webercoin and like, share, tweet and retweet. Tweet something interesting about Webercoin Project with the google form and tag 5 friends add #WBC #Ethereum #Advertising

WeberHub Beta-testing phase starts Now!

Rewards will be distributed to individuals that successfully test the platform! Read the instructions carefully!


We will be taking the first 100 members to register! So be part of the selected few! GoodLuck!
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