Medicaid Pledge #Vote4Medicaid-A Public Education Project

We are the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition. As the leading statewide disability rights organization, we believe it is crucial that we educate all Colorado voters about the value of Medicaid. We especially want to make sure that those whose lives or livelihoods or communities depend on Medicaid understand the importance of state policy and how that influences the overall health or effectiveness of Medicaid. PLEASE JOIN US!
This is NOT a partisan issue.

40% of all children in Colorado are covered by Medicaid, including 29% of children with special health care needs.
Medicaid helps hundreds of thousands of Colorado kids thrive.

Here are some additional facts about who benefit from Medicaid:

People with:
* Low incomes
* Significant Physical Disabilities
* Developmental Disabilities
* Needs for Mental Health Supports

Medical Facilities:
* Rural Colorado Hospitals (including all that work for them or their contractors/suppliers)
* Large Urban and Specialty Rehabilitation Hospitals (including all that work for them or their contractors/suppliers)

* Receiving Medical Care from their School Health Clinics
* In Graduate School Who Have Families (i.e. medical students)
* Students get supplies in the School through Medicaid
* Nurses are able to stay on campus for proper care of students in need
* Mental Health providers are able to assist when needed in the school through Medicaid

Medical Professional Treating People that Use Medicaid:
* Physicians, Nurses, Physicians Assistants, Dentists, Dental Staff, Pharmacists
* Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists
* Home Health Aides

Seniors who:
* Need Additional Support to Remain in their Home
* Live in Nursing Homes
* Have Family Members that Care for Them

Please Join Us!!

Members of this coalition will:
* Work with the #Vote4Medicaid coalition to spread the word of the importance of Medicaid and educate people about what Medicaid does!
* Continue to educate throughout the year with a focus on spreading the #Vote4Medicaid Project to our members/patients/constituents material during the summer and fall through email and social media.
* Can opt -out after reviewing the final #Vote4Medicaid a Public Education Project material.

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