Confirmation Retreat // MSYG 2016
November 4-6, 2016 • Lake Yale Conference Center
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Please read all the following information and understand the commitment and expectations of all those who plan on attending the Confirmation Retreat/Middle School Youth Gathering!

Growing in Faith
I commit to maintaining my faith through prayer, Bible Study and Christian Fellowship.Also, I will spend time with God so I may know Him more and have Him living in me more.
Being An Example
I commit myself to being an example of my faith and my role as a Christian during ministries at church, at youth events, at school, at work, at home and anywhere else I happen to be. I understand this also includes online and understand that my virtual life is a reflection of my real life.
Being A Light
I commit myself to being an example, as a shining light for Jesus and as a leader among my peers and student ministry, wherever I may be. I will especially do these at the Colorado Mission trip, all events, or fund-raisers leading up to the mission trip.
Being Present
I commit myself to being a regular attendee at middle school ministries and at St. Paul Lutheran Church worship services. I will be present at one half of all events and will encourage others to attend.
Committing My Time
I will be on time to leave for the CR/MSYG. I will value each and every participant and chaperone's time.
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