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We would like your help in creating an index of course information to be shared with the KGP community. It would be a comprehensive repo, including reviews too. Please help us and the community in taking the step forward. As a reference please visit For Electric Drives, you can get perspective from
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e.g. EE40002. You could validate the code at
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A description of (4-5 lines) about the course. What the course is about. What concepts are taught. A few brief technical terms. What students can take away from the course. e.g. for Electric Drives, you can get perspective from
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Please also mention the Prof. who taught you and which semester you took the course in like AY15-16 Spring. For the review, consider answering questions like what can one take back from the course, how the prof taught it, difficutly in clearing it, anything new learnt, relevance to the topics taught, any other comments about your experience that you'd like sharing and would want people to know if they take this course.
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