Dear Dr. Horton, #2
Ever wish you could ask a wise, kind, approachable Student Affairs Dean something without having to admit the question was yours? Maybe you think it’s cringe-worthy; maybe you feel like you should know the answer already; maybe you think you will be judged; maybe you’re sure you are the only medical trainee on the planet ever to have felt this way, and you need confirmation now.

Enter Dear Dr. Horton (, a returning feature on the CMAJ Blog! Send the anonymous questions that keep you up at night to a real former Dean of Medical Student Affairs, Dr. Jillian Horton, and get the perspective you need with no fear of judgment (rest assured, though — Student Affairs Deans in Canada are all really great people, and not only have they heard it all, but they take on these decidedly unglamorous, 24-hour call jobs because they really, really care about learners).

Submit your questions anonymously through this form, and if your question is appropriate for the column, expect an answer within a few weeks!
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An example of a question received last year is: "Medical school and residency have been all-consuming, and there is always more to do and learn. In rare moments where I can take a deep breath and contemplate, I no longer recognize myself. I think the first step is to do something outside medicine that I enjoy — but to be honest, I’m not even sure what I like anymore! And that’s not even considering how difficult it is to commit to a regularly scheduled activity with frequent call and changing rotations...Any suggestions?" Anything goes!
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