Questionnaire: Can we help people during the COVID19 outbreak?
Hello friends, members and supporters of Citizen Action of Wisconsin! This form is to help us figure out how we can help as many people as possible during this chaotic time. Citizen Action has identified a number of ways to help people, and this questionnaire will help you determine how to get help doing it!

--- 1. If you are newly eligible to reduce utility bills payments, and how to defer immediate payment on it.

--- 2. How still-employed workers, especially small business and nonprofit workers, can also qualify for ~$600/week to help prevent layoffs and bolster paychecks during this time period.

--- 3. How to sign up for solar panels and access special financing to help support the struggling renewable energy small business sector and create/protect jobs.

--- 4. Help you understand if mortgage "forbearance" is right for you to keep you in your home.

This questionnaire will help figure out if we can help you, and/or where you can go for more information.
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