Lake County Hazard Mitigation Plan
Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey and participating in the Lake County hazard mitigation planning process. This survey is designed to help the county as a whole, and your community, gauge public perceptions of hazard vulnerability and potential projects to lessen the impacts of future hazard occurrences. The information you provide will help reduce vulnerability by guiding local leaders as they prioritize mitigation projects.

If you would like to discuss the hazard mitigation project contact the Lake County Emergency Management Agency at 440-350-5499 for details.

All responses are completely anonymous.
Please indicate how concerned you are about the following hazards where you live. *
Not At All Concerned
Somewhat Concerned
Very Concerned
Coastal Erosion
Dam/Levee Failure
Hazardous Materials Incident
Infectious Disease
Infrastructure Failure (Transportation, Structural Collapse, Bridges, etc.)
Land Subsidence/Sinkholes/River Bank Erosion
Severe Weather
Terrorism/Civil Unrest/Cybersecurity
Utility Disruption (electric, water, sewer, etc.)
Winter Storm
Please add any comments here, or list any hazards about which you are concerned that are not included on the above list.
In the past 10 years, which hazards do you remember occurring in your community? (Check all that apply.) *
Have you noticed an increase or decrease in the occurrences or intensity of any of the following hazards? *
No Change
Dam and Levee Failure
Epidemic or Pandemic
Hazardous Materials Incident
Industrial Incidents
Infrastructure Failure
Land Sink/Slip, Mine Subsidence
Sever Thunderstorm
Severe Wind/Tornado
Severe Winter Storm
Temperature Extremes
Terrorism/Civil Unrest/Cybersecurity
Utility Disruption
If applicable, to what do you think the change can be attributed?
Do you live in a special flood hazard area (SFHA)? *
Think back to a recent occurrence (any from question 2). How would you rate your community's ability to respond? *
How do you find out about upcoming hazards such as the ones discussed previously in this survey? (Check all that apply) *
Do you receive timely, accurate, and effective notifications from these sources that allow you to make appropriate decisions about what to do?
Clear selection
Mitigation is an effort by you, your community, and/or you officials make to reduce the negative impacts of hazards. Have you ever...(check all that apply)
If you chose other to the above question, please specify what you have done.
Please indicate the types of mitigation actions you would support; these could be something you can do, or an initiative by local officials. (Check all that apply)
If a flood crew was available, would you support them accessing private land? *
In which community do you live or work? *
How Long have you resided in your community? *
Please provide your age *
Please write any general comments or questions here.
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