8-week Mindful Parenting
This evidence-based programme is developed by Professor Susan Bögels and Kathleen Restifo of the Netherlands. It places the practices and attitudes of mindfulness at the heart of parent-child interactions. Through everyday examples, we learn how to get unstuck from old patterns, and parent from a calmer, more compassionate and loving place. We practice how to listen with full attention, cultivate compassion, nonjudgmental acceptance and emotional awareness of self and child; and promote self-regulation in the parenting relationship.

This course is suitable for parents
- who are experiencing stress, especially suitable for parents of children with special education needs and/or psychological distress
- who would like to enhance their wellbeing
- with or without prior experience with mindfulness

Enquiries about the course can be emailed to springbox.co@gmail.com

Dr Elisabeth Wong, Specialist in Psychiatry
Miss Doreen Jowharsha, Mindfulness Teacher
Course details
Date: 18th October 2019 to 6th December 2019, every Friday evening

Time: 7pm -9pm. Daily home practice of 30-45 minutes is encouraged

Capacity: 8 people

Free introductory talk: 4th October 2019, Friday 7pm-9pm
* by invitation only
*applicants must attend this talk before participating in the course
* first 8 applicants and 12 on waiting list would be invited to attend

Language of instruction: English

Venue of introductory talk and the 8-week course:The Alpha Wellbeing Centre, unit 605, Printing House, 6 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

Class themes
1. Automatic Parenting
2. Beginner’s Mind Parenting
3. Reconnecting with Our Body as a Parent
4. Responding versus Reacting to Parenting Stress
5. Parenting Patterns and Schemas
6. Conflict and Parenting
7. Love and Limits: Cultivating and Setting Limits
8. Are we there yet? A Mindful Path Through Parenting
Payment details
Please deposit HK$4500 to Hang Seng Bank account 769-275025-883 'Springbox Company'
- proof of deposit to be emailed to springbox.co@gmail.com
- first come first serve based on time of payment
- first 8 applicants and 12 on waiting list would be notified by email and invited to attend the introductory talk
- should the applicant find the course unsuitable for them after attending the introductory talk, full refund will be issued

Early bird rate of HK$4200 on or before 27th September 2019

Fee inclusive of printed course material and audio recording of guided meditation

Certificate of attendance will be issued to those who attended 6 or more classes

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