New Chicago Stories: A Celebration of Community History
Chicago for Chicagoans is excited to announce the conclusion of "Chicago History 101: The Speakeasy Series", coming up on Thursday, April 11th, 2019. For the very first time, we are asking for YOUR Chicago stories to be featured at one of our events. Interview your friend, neighbor, local bar owner, parents, grandparents, or tell your own story -- any Chicago memory, any period of time, any place in the city.

Please be as specific as you are able to be for that extra layer of historic authenticity. Chosen stories will be read aloud by their authors or by our team of guest readers on the 11th. Note: We would like to feature multiple stories in the course of one evening, so please keep your submission to a brief 5-15 minutes range when read aloud. It doesn't have to be a professional piece of writing -- in fact, we prefer something short & sweet, authored uniquely for this occasion.

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