Group facilitation techniques to engage: August 4-25, 2019
Group facilitation techniques to engage adults in Christian education and group discussions.
If you want to improve your ability to teach Sunday school, facilitate small groups, or run large group discussions in church or even at work, this is the series for you; especially if you want to have some fun while exploring deep topics in faith.

We have all seen situations where one or two people tend to dominate group discussions while the rest of the group sits quietly. We have also participated in discussions where the facilitator directs conclusions or leads down a path that isn’t what the class seems to be interested.

This is a series of 4 independent sessions that shows you how to engage people and let participants determine discussion direction and outcome by using Liberating Structures – an advanced set of training practices popular in Europe. We’ll learn these techniques by applying them to discover and discuss tricky aspects of faith in our church.

As an outcome of these sessions, you’ll have a toolbox of techniques to apply in a variety of situations to create more engaging environments for groups of people. You will also understand the reasoning behind many of these techniques as well as know how to find out more.
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