Inspire School Planner Parent Feedback

Please provide feedback on what you would like to see printed in next year's school planners.

We were able to customize the first 30 or so pages. That is where you see Inspire-specific information printed in black and white ink. We did not have much control over the design of the weekly / monthly calendar pages.
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Did you receive school planner(s) from your Inspire teacher at the beginning of the school year?
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Please select the grade level planner(s) you received: *
Does your student(s) utilize his or her planner? *
If you indicated that your student(s) does not use his or her planner, please tell us why:
Do you utilize the parent planner? *
If you indicated that you do not use your parent planner, please tell us why:
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Was it helpful to have the Learning Period dates and school holidays printed in the high school and parent planners?
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When would you prefer to receive your school planner(s) from your teacher?
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Please indicate how useful the following handbook sections were for your family:
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Somewhat Useful
Very Useful
School Contact Information
Password Keeper
School Calendar
I CAN Statement Checklists
Work Sample Instructions
Testing Information
Field Trip Log
Book Log
Enrichment Ordering Tips
Vinyl Pocket in the Back
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What do you value more in the student planners?
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In the parent planner, the weekly pages have a box-style layout with room to write your students' names in the margins to keep track of their lessons, projects, and activities. What did you think of this layout?
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Would you like a monthly view at the beginning of each month?
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Would you be interested in a digital planner system that you manage on the computer instead of a physical paper planner?
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What information would you like to see included in next year's student planners?
What information would you like to see included in next year's parent planners?
Other Suggestions:
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