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This form is how you submit a paper to StanCon2019 in Cambridge UK (

Previous StanCon's required a reproducible peer-reviewed notebook (e.g., knitr, R Markdown, Jupyter, etc.) to accompany all contributed talks. For StanCon Cambridge, we are relaxing this constraint by inviting authors to select from a talk plus workbook, talk only or poster submission. We feel this reflects the diversity of projects that StanCon attracts, and hope that this new structure will support a rich and stimulating environment for attendees. As before, opportunities for workbooks to be peer-reviewed will be provided, but to streamline the process, acceptance will be base upon submitted abstract only. At the conclusion of the conference workbooks will be archived to facilitate citation.

Selecting a particular style of contribution does not guarantee acceptance for that style.

Please note that we are only accepting posters now.

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