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Good Enough Ranch raises their meat on grass using rotational grazing to ensure the animals and land stay healthy. Animals are given feed occasionally as a treat or to supplement their diet if necessary. The goal of the ranch is to create an environment that mimics their natural habitat and allows each animal to be as happy and as healthy as possible. Email to ask any questions you have about the health and welfare of the animals or to come and see it for yourself! You are welcome to visit, ask any questions, and make any special requests. Get more info at

How Does this work?
1. Complete this form at any time to order available meat
2. You will receive an email with the pricing based on weight of your cuts
3. You send quantity and any additional requests or adjustments to the meat order
4. A deposit is required to confirm the meat
5. Once meat is ready, delivery or pickup can be scheduled. Delivery is free in Lockhart. A small fee will be required for further deliveries.
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Beef- Longhorn meat (We have very few cuts left, so prices are exact)
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Sheep/Lamb. Lamb will be available in March 2020.
Chicken will be available in February 2020
Cabrito/Goat will be available in June 2020
Turkey will be available August 2020.
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*Cost on all meat is approximate since each cut is unique. Final weight and cost will be on invoice.*
Please add any additional information or questions you may have. You should receive a response back within 24 hours.
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