UCLI Mentee Enrollment Form
This is an intake form for UCLI's Mentoring Program for diverse students. The questions asked herein are intended to assist us in pairing you with a mentor that fits you. This form will solicit biographical and demographic information as well as information about your personality, values, interests, and goals. We respectfully request that you proceed with honesty and open-mindedness as the questions enclosed herein are informed by the body of research on best practices for forming successful mentee-mentor relationships.

Please note that your responses to these questions will not affect your eligibility for the UCLI Mentoring Program, which is contingent only upon your completion of this form and submission of the required materials as specified in Section 3 (Required and Recommended Documents).
Name (Legal and preferred, if different) *
Email *
Phone Number *
Please check the tier to which you belong (UCLI is not yet applying a team-mentoring approach for students in Tier 1: K-12) *
Grade level or number of years practicing as an attorney *
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