Leaving the Church Questionnaire
Please answer honestly. You don't have to answer all of the questions, but it would be great if you can do as many as possible! I am hoping to compile the answers to write a book addressing how leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints affects a person's mental health, specifically in relation to how leaving a community and ideologies you may have grown up with can affect your emotions/stress level (positively or negatively) and how the reactions of family or friends can affect your mental health as well. The "why" you left the church is so personal, and that is not really what I'm interested in for this project—more how the shift from active to not active in Church has affected you and your mental health for good or bad or both. Your email and name will be kept private.
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Was making the decision to leave difficult or easy? Did it affect your mental, physical, or emotional health? How so? *
If married, did your spouse decide to stop going to Church as well?
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How has your relationship with your spouse and/or children changed as a result of your leaving the Church?
What has been the reaction of your parents? *
What has been the reaction of your siblings or other extended family members?
What has been the reaction of your Mormon friends or associates?
Who has been the most supportive of your decision?
Who has been the least supportive of your decision?
What has surprised you the most about your emotional or mental state since leaving the Church? *
Did you look for new groups or communities to be a part of? Why or why not?
How do you respond when people ask about your membership in the Church?
What has been the most difficult thing about leaving the Church?
What has been the most beneficial thing about leaving the Church?
What do you wish current members knew about interacting with or talking to/about those who have left the Church? *
Anything else you want to say?
Are you okay with my using your specific comments and responses (you will be anonymous) in a book on this subject? *
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