Because of the unfortunate withdraw of Saxion University of Applied Sciences within the Unioncard deal in the year 2019-2020, the Saxion students need to pay a considerable amount more to be able to join a culture and/or sport association at the University of Twente. Because of this change, the Campuscard was introduced. This new card doesn't only cost more for every student, it also has less advantages than the Unioncard.

With this survey, supported by most of the study associations from Saxion, we want to inventorize how many student struggle with this new method. Furthermore, we want to know how many more students would be interested in joining a sports and/or culture associations if a student from Saxion is able to buy the Unioncard again. Please fill in every questions asked in this survey according to truth and share this with other students who struggle with this problem. Thank you beforehand!
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