BAC Português - Já falo um pouco de Português Assessment
If you already have some experience with Portuguese, maybe you've studied for a few years already, or you're involved with Portuguese speakers, or you had a long trip to Brazil, you might be ready for our Level 3 or 4 curriculum!
Please fill out this assessment and we will get back to you!
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What is your experience with Portuguese? *
Please answer all questions and give complete answers.
If the questions on this assessment are too hard, we recommend that you fill out the "Já estudei um pouco" assessment instead.
How do you say "I've been studying Portuguese for 3 years" in Portuguese? *
What's the difference between these two phrases: "Eu morei no Brasil." & "Eu morava no Brasil." *
What does this mean: "Eu gostaria de um pouco de água, por favor." *
How would you say "Did you come by the house today?" *
What's the difference between "até" & "nem"? *
Até can mean until, but it can also mean even. Nem also means even. When do you use one or the other?
What's the difference between SER & ESTAR? *
What verb (SER or ESTAR) would you use in the following situations:
I was home when he called. *
Please include all forms. It's important you already understand number and gender of nouns in Portuguese.
I am learning Portuguese. *
She is so driven. *
We're hungry. *
I am his friend. *
He is an actor. *
Please translate the following sentence: "If I knew you didn't like sweets, I wouldn't have brought a cake." *
Please translate the following sentence: "What time do you usually get home?" *
Please translate: "I would travel more if I spoke more languages." *
Do you watch films & series in Portuguese? How much it do you understand without subtitles? *
How comfortable are you speaking Portuguese to others? *
Alguma pergunta? Please leave us any comments below, if applicable.
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