FALL RECITAL Sunday Oct. 25, 2015
Please enter the piece(s) you wish to perform, click submit at the bottom, and mail the recital fee ($25 per performer), to: Long Beach School of Music, 3840 Woodruff Ave., Suite 109, Long Beach, CA 90808. Please *do not* drop off the recital fees during the recital. Recital fees help us to cover the costs of facility rental, custodial fees, program printing, and refreshments.

Students will be put into short recital groups according to level on the afternoon of Sunday, October 25th, 2015. The recital fee includes an optional rehearsal which will be held at Grace First Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Oct. 11, 4:00-6:00.

Grace First Presbyterian Church
3955 Studebaker Road (at the corner of Los Coyotes Diagonal)
Long Beach, CA 90808

Ms. Kato, (562) 208-8428
Teacher Name *
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Level of Repertoire
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COMPOSER and TITLE of 1st piece to be performed *
Example: Chopin, Frederic: Waltz in A minor (posthumous)
COMPOSER and TITLE of 2nd piece to be performed
Additional Notes, Sibling Requests, etc.
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REHEARSAL (optional), SUNDAY, OCT. 11th *
The rehearsal begins at 4:00.
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