British Champs 2019 Playoffs Application
Welcome to the application for officials and other volunteers at the 2019 British Champs Playoffs.

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September
Fenton Manor Sports Sports Complex, Stoke-on-Trent.

THRs: Alan Smith, MC
THNSOs: Dor-Iain Grey, Sticks & Stoner

There will be 8 games on each day, running *APPROXIMATELY* from 8am to 6pm on each day. All games will be full length WFTDA/MRDA "National" level games, involving teams from the following tiers:

Tier 1 WFTDA-side
Tier 2 WFTDA-side
Tier 1 MRDA-side

There may additionally be a junior derby exhibition game.

We will endeavor to schedule volunteer crews in shifts, but please assume that if you are applying for these playoffs, you will be expected to work several games on each day. Please also ensure that you have the funds/means to get to the venue.

Officials applications close on the 1st August, and officials will be informed whether they have been accepted by 15th August, at the latest. Volunteer applications will remain open as long as needed, and successful applicants will be informed on a rolling basis.

If you have questions, please email for officials, and for crew.

The information you provide will be shared with the British Championships Committee, and with the crew head officials involved in making the appointments, solely for the purpose of making appointments to British Championships positions. Data will not be retained past 31st December 2019. Under the GDPR, you have the right to access the data we hold on you, to change it, or for it to be deleted, by contacting us by e-mail.

Thanks all,
Alan, MC, Iain, Sticks, Valx.

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