2020 LGBTQ+ Community Survey
Complete this survey and you'll be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of five VIP Passes we're giving away for the 2020 Honolulu PrideTM Festival. Be sure to leave your email address if you'd like to be entered into the giveaway.
Please take a few moments to share your feedback about the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation and our projects like the LGBT+ Center - Honolulu and Honolulu PrideTM, among others. Your input is very important to us as we continue our work educating, unifying and empowering LGBTQ+ people as integral members of Hawaii's larger diverse community. Mahalo
Please note: all of the questions on this survey are all optional, since we want to provide the choice of anonymous feedback. However, the more information you provide, the better we can understand how to improve our projects and programs. Thank you for your consideration.
What do you think of when you think of the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation?
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Do you know a past or present board member of the Foundation? If so, please write their name(s) below.
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Which of the following projects did you know are produced / maintained by the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation?
Which of the Foundation's 2019 events did you attend? Which do you plan to attend in 2020?
LGBTQ+ Resource Fair (March)
Vision Without Limits Gala (March)
Pride Community Picnic (June)
Honolulu Pride Parade (Oct.)
Honolulu Pride Festival (Oct.)
Education events with UH Manoa (Oct.)
Have you visited our website in the last 6 months? (honolulupride.com or hawaiilgbtlegacyfoundation.com)
Which areas of our website do you find most useful?
What kinds of changes would you want us to make to the website?
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Have you visited our social media channels in the last month? Check all that apply.
What kinds of changes would you want us to make to our social media activity?
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The Foundation depends on volunteers to help us produce our projects, events and programs. Are you interesting in volunteering for the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation? If yes, please provide your name, email address and phone number below.
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********** HONOLULU PRIDE **********
How did you hear about Honolulu Pride + Festival + Events?
Please check all that apply, and write in any additional answers.
Digital / Online
Online magazines / news sites, etc. (please specify).
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Social media
Print magazines / newspapers, etc. (please specify).
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Word of mouth (please specify--e.g. friends, family, co-workers, etc.)
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VISITORS: Will you be visiting Hawaii for 2020 Honolulu Pride from somewhere other than the Hawaiian Islands? If yes, where will you be visiting from? Please provide city, state/provence, country, postal code and the number of people that will be traveling with you.
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The Foundation has been producing the Honolulu Pride Parade + Festival + Events since 2015. If you've attended since then, please tell us a little about what you liked and what you'd like to see changed.
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How would you rate your overall experiences at Honolulu Pride Parade + Festival + Events that you've attended? Please rate each on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being excellent.
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2015 "25th Anniversary of Honolulu Pride"
2016 "I Am Pride"
2017 "Celebrate the Rainbow"
2018 "Flying Rainbow Musubi: Diversity & Inclusion"
2019 "50th State Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Stonewall"
2020 Pride will be the 30th Anniversary of Honolulu Pride. How many Honolulu Prides did you attend prior to 2015? How many in total? If you attended Honolulu Pride before 2015, what was your overall experience of those events?
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The Foundation has a few surprises for this year's celebration. So we're asking "How can Honolulu Pride help you shine?"
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Have you ever visited or attended an event at The Center?
If you've been to The Center, what did you like? What would you change? Are there programs, events, services that you'd like to see The Center host?
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Does your employer address or offer opportunities for sensitivity training for the LGBTQ+ community and/or related issues?
If no, would you like to have your employer do so?
Who is your employer?
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Please share any other thoughts or suggestions you may have that can help the Foundation enhance its work for Hawaii's LGBTQ+ community.
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********** ABOUT YOU **********
Please answer as many of following questions as you feel comfortable doing. This information helps us better understand who
participates in our projects, and how to better reach broader and more diverse communities. The Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation respects your privacy and protects your personal information. We do not share, sell or rent our lists to vendors, sponsors or other organizations.
First and Last name
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Gender identity
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Identity on the LGBTQ+ spectrum
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If a local resident, how long have you lived in Hawaii?
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Zip or postal code
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Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts. If you'd like us to contact you, please provide your name, email and phone number below. Mahalo.
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