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Please note, your total program cost may be plus or minus $10 depending on shipping and tax in your area. I've given my best effort to price your program at the best value for you, and in most cases it won't exceed $299 unless your county has unusually high tax. :-)

Cost may vary in countries outside of the US., please contact me for pricing at josie@josiebouchier.com.

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Your program comes with 14 servings of protein smoothie base. By default, you will receive an ultra-clean plant-based protein, which is a complete pea protein base. If you prefer whey-based (my personal favorite) or soy-based smoothies, please indicate here. You'll also receive two boxes of flavor stick packs for smoothies on-the-go.
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All smoothies are gluten-free, non-GMO, contain coconut oil and zero added sugar.
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Eliminating toxins from your environment is key in balancing your hormones and preparing your body for pregnancy. One of the best places to start is the bathroom.
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