R.E.A.L. Talk Survey
Please answer honestly and openly. All surveys are confidential and nameless.
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Do you completely trust your parents?
Do you believe that your parents have your best interest in mind when making decisions for you?
Can you talk openly with your parents about sensitive things in your life?
What items/topics have you talked with them about? (be specific)
Your answer
Do you go to church as a family?
Do you ever pray together as a family other than over your food?
Do you have family devotion time together?
Are your parents...(check all that apply)
Do you have any step-siblings?
Do you frequently fight or argue with your parents?
What do you often fight about?
Your answer
Do you get along well with your siblings?
When is the first time you were ever exposed to inappropriate material/pornography?
I am often tempted to look at things I shouldn't
Which electronic device do these temptations happen on? (check all that apply)
I see/watch inappropriate media content
Do you need someone to help you be accountable to stop?
Do you struggle with your identity as a person?
What types of social media accounts do you have? (check all that apply)
Have you ever bragged about yourself on social media?
Have you ever posted a selfie on your profile?
Are your profiles true to who you actually are as a person?
How much time a day do you think you spend on social media?
At any point in your social media activity, have you ever participated in gossip?
At any point in your social media activity, have you ever used inappropriate or explicit language?
At any point in your social media activity, have you ever had an argument with someone?
At any point in your social media activity, have you ever started and improper or inappropriate relationship with someone?
Of the majority of your "friends" or "followers", how would you characterize the types of friends that are influencing your life?
On your social media accounts, are you personally setting a godly example and testimony for others to follow?
Do you every worry what people think about you?
What types of things do you worry about? (check all that apply)
Have you ever been pressured to do something wrong?
What types of things have you been pressured to do? (check all that apply)
Do you feel angry/bitter
Who or what is the source of that anger and bitterness?
Have you ever felt depressed
What reason did you/are you depressed?
Do you take medication for depression?
Do you feel like your life is simply too busy?
Do you fee like your life's priorities are out of balance?
Could you confidently lead another person to Christ using the Bible?
Do you attempt/try to witness to others?
Rate your level or personal witness (1 the worst, 10 the best.
Which of these could you serve the Lord in at Southside Baptist Church (check all that apply)?
Someone once said, "Character is who you are when nobody is watching." How would you rate your level of character?
If given the opportunity to have individual, one-on-one time with my youth pastor, it would look like...
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