An Opportunity for Staff Mindfulness Practice
Is your campus interested in a regular mindfulness practice opportunity for staff members?
The SEL Department has partnered with the Amala Foundation to provide this opportunity to a select number of campuses. The service is free of charge to campuses.
What does a mindfulness practice look like?
To start, we suggest a slower paced, healing practice focused on conscious breathing with some basic chair yoga postures to support a state of relaxation, reduce stress, strengthen awareness, and cultivate a more mindful relationship to breath. The focus is on developing practices for emotional wellbeing and self care. No prior experience is required.

The intention is for mindfulness practice to be collaborative by design and frequency to meet your campus needs.
You will need to poll your staff to gauge level of interest in this opportunity.
A minimum of 10 staff members is needed for consideration.
Applications must be completed by October 15, 2019.

If you have questions, please email JoAnn Reyes, Amala Foundation School Mindfulness Lead Facilitator:
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1. Describe how this practice could serve the staff on your campus. *
2. How many staff members might be interested in this opportunity? You may include all teaching staff, administrators and classified employees. *
3. What is the preferred time frame for this practice? *
4. How frequently? *
5. What day of the week? List a first and second choice. *
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