PAMA Educational Materials Order Form
This is the order form for PAMA’s Educational Materials Licenses. Refer to the accompanying document for the terms and explanation of this offer. Specific the total amount of books that you wish to order. Please note the unit price differ based on the total amount of books you order. Once the order is placed and payment is complete, the Secretariat will send the electronic file of the books. Refer to our catalogue for more information.
Unit Price
Depending on the number of books you purchase, the unit price will differ. Refer to the table below.

(A) 1 to 20 books $500 US per book
(B) 21 to 40 books $450 US per book; first 20 books are $500 each
(C) 41 to 60 books $400 US per book; first 20 books are $500 each; 21st to 40th books are $450 each
(D) All 65 books Available for $24,000
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