Parent/Student Agreement
Peachtree Players is Peachtree Middle School’s Drama Club. We promote interest in theater arts and related activities. Students will have the opportunity to learn valuable dramatic and technical skills while building confidence and comradery. We are an inclusive organization and strive to ensure that all involved benefit from the experience.
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About Peachtree Players

Membership is offered to students in 6th , 7th and 8th grade at Peachtree Middle School.  We are expecting
to hold workshops throughout the school year, as well as, have performances in the Fall and Spring semesters, including a variety/talent show and a musical. 

Membership Fees

Dues for the school year are $150 and may be paid via the Club website or by check as directed by Club leadership. Dues are non-refundable. Finances are not a barrier to participation. Scholarships are available. 

Participation Requirements

1. Students will follow the directions of the Artistic Director, Peachtree Middle School staff and parent volunteers helping with the Club.
2. Students will do their best to participate in scheduled activities and maintain a positive attitude.
3. Students will arrive promptly and be prepared for workshops and rehearsals and remain until the workshop or rehearsal is completed or until released. Absences and tardy arrivals could result in a role being reduced or replaced as the Artistic Director deems to be necessary.
4. All involved in Club activities are to be respectful of each other. To maintain a constructive and supportive environment, any behavior or conduct that is intended to bully or insult others shall be grounds for dismissal from the workshop, performance or Club.
5. No student involved in Club activities will purposefully deface school property or Club materials. Any such purposeful behavior or conduct shall be grounds for dismissal from the workshop, performance or Club. 
6. All involved in Club activities will help others to succeed and be happy for them when they do.
7. Attendance at rehearsals in preparation for a performance may be required unless excused. Each student will sign in at the start of each Club activity for which he or she is present and to properly check out with a parent volunteer before leaving the Club activity. Each student will assist with the Club’s productions in any capacity needed.
8. Cellphones, chromebooks or other electronic devices are to be used in a respectful manner and as allowed by Club leadership.
9. Parents or guardians must promptly pick up students from Club activities. 
10. For any club activity held in school or at an off-school site, each student will need to get to the site safely and independently on scheduled days.

If any student should behave or conduct himself or herself in a manner that violates any participation requirements, verbal warning shall be given as appropriate. If the behavior or conduct persists, the student may be removed from the activity. If the inappropriate conduct continues, a parent or guardian may be contacted for further discussion and/or to pick up the student from the activity. The Club may seek the involvement of school administrators if it is deemed to be in the best interest of a student or the program. 


A calendar of Club activities shall be circulated to students and parents. Workshops and rehearsals shall be held after school. 


Parents may be asked to volunteer to assist with providing snacks for students, providing materials for Club activities, volunteering to assist with workshop and performances, and other Club activities. We are a volunteer organization and greatly appreciate all your time!

Every day the clock resets…

While the Club has every intention of holding in-person Club activities throughout the school year. Forces beyond our control make all dates and events subject to change.

Photograph/Image/Media Release

By signing below, I agree to grant the Club and its assigns the right to use photo and/or video images of me and sound for Club purposes in whole or in part for any currently known media or media to be developed. I release all rights or entitlements that I, my heirs, or assigns might have now or in the future to all or part of the said production. 

Participation Release

By signing below and in consideration of the Club’s permission to use the Club’s equipment and participate in its programs, I release and hold harmless Peachtree Charter Middle School Drama Booster Club, Inc. from any and all liability, claims, actions and causes of actions whatsoever, arising out of or relating to loss, damage, or injury that may be sustained by myself or my child while participating in Peachtree Middle School Drama Club programs and activities.

By signing below, I agree that we have reviewed, understand and agree to follow the rules set forth
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