All Go West 2018 Helping Hands
Thanks for helping make All Go West 2018 awesome!!!! The event is 2 DAYS this year on June 16 & 17 2018. Each volunteer spot is about 5 hours.

In exchange we will buy you:
- All Go West Volunteer Laminate
- All Go West sticker or poster
- snacks and non alcoholic drinks
- alcohol wristband and a beer voucher after each shift is completed (for over 21 peeps)

Anyone who works 2 shifts or more will also get:
- a meal
- pair of All Go West Sunglasses

This festival is a labor of love for our community and we appreciate YOU being a part of it. We don't do this to make money, we do it for the love. Community Roots is the beneficiary of funds this year.

**We do ask that you are sober for your shift so no one gets in trouble. ALE is coming down really hard on events. If they find you volunteering and intoxicated, you will get a ticket and so will we.**

Thanks a million times over to the moon and back!

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Site Ops
Barrier Security
Pedestrian Crossing
Green Team
Merch Booth
Anything you need! :)
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