Wellness Initiative - Event Advertising
Please fill out the form below about your Wellness related event. Members from Communications Subgroup will create an event on Facebook for you as well as add your event to the Website and Newsletter that gets sent out monthly.

**Remember to post individually in the class Facebook groups urging your classmates to attend. The Communications Subgroup will not be posting individual posts in class Facebook groups**

**Don't forget to fill out the form to be advertised in BUSM's weekly student digest: http://www.bumc.bu.edu/busm/student-life/student-life/weekly-newsletter-submission/**

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Please tell us in a short blurb about your event and how it is related to wellness (We will copy and paste this section into our advertisement, so make it good!)
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Make sure to include a start and end date (ex. 5-7pm)
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If it is somewhere outside of the Med Campus, please include the address. If you don't know yet, TBD is sufficient. You can update Alexis (aclay18@bu.edu) later with the location if need be.
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If there are additional dates, please list them below:
Don't forget to include times!
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If you have any photos/flyers you'd like us to advertise with your event, email them to Alexis (aclay18@bu.edu) or message them to her on Slack. *
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