Classified Staff Survey
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My duties as a member of the school are made clear to me. *
My administrator treats me and other staff members with respect. *
The teachers at the school treat me and other staff members with respect. *
The administrator and teachers treat the students and parents with respect. *
I feel that I have voice in the decisions that affect my areas of responsibility. *
The communication among the teachers, administration and support staff is generally positive. *
I am satisfied with the school's disciplinary policies and procedures. *
Monterey County Home Charter School is a pleasant place to work. *
Disaster drills are held regularly. *
The school grounds are kept clean and tidy. *
School facilities are in good overall working conditions. *
The school has an overall positive environment to work in. *
There is an ethnically diverse population in staff and teachers. *
Quality work is expected of all teachers and staff members. *
How many years have you been employed at the school? *
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What do like best about working at MCHCS? *
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What would suggest to make MCHCS even better? *
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