NordiCHI 2022 workshop application
Ethical Future Environments: Engaging refugees in Smart City participation

Workshop at NordiCHI 2022, October 9, 2022, Hybrid conference 

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October 9, the detailed timeframes will be discussed with all to better consider time zones


This one-day workshop aims to engage researchers, Smart city practitioners and refugees in discussions about Smart Cities and the increasing role of technology in our environments. The main aim is to empower marginalized stakeholders in these discussions, who are currently underrepresented in design and development processes of digitalized environments. During this workshop, we use and further develop an inclusive card game method to scaffold discussions among different stakeholders. We aim to support a mutual learning environment for participants, in which we can share and discuss different perspectives. Finally, we aim to create a sharing community in which this card game and other methods and tools to support collaboration with marginalized citizens can be shared with practitioners, researchers and citizens.
For researchers and Smart city practitioners, this workshop will be hold as a one-day, hybrid workshop. The main activities will take place in zoom and we offer networking opportunities during the breaks. For the refugees, we offer a series of three co-located, in-person workshops in different countries of the organizers (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands):

1) A pre-workshop to brainstorm about relevant topics the refugees would like to discuss during the conference workshop and to practice the experience of a workshop. Researchers (other than the organizers) and practitioners are not participating in this workshop.
2) During the main conference workshop the participants of the co-located workshops participate virtually, supported by the organizers. The researchers and smart city professionals take part in the discussions with the participants of the co-located workshops via zoom. We will play a visual card game to scaffold discussions and to support participants with a language barrier. The topics of the discussions will be Smart city related and picked by the participants during the pre-workshop.
3) A post-conference workshop will be held with the participants of the co-located workshops to discuss the participant’s experience and to learn how we can impove the methods we used during the workshops. All participants will be invited to contribute to the main outcomes we aim for: 1) a scientific publication about methods for involving marginalized groups in Smart city discussions 2) a sharing community to support practitioners with methods and tools to involve marginalized groups in Smart City projects. Researchers (other than the organizers) and practitioners are not participating in this workshop.

We invite to this workshop researchers, practitioners who work in fields related to Smart Cities, and refugees. We aim to create an inclusive and accessible workshop experience for all participants. All application forms will be reviewed based on relevance and interest in contributing to the workshop.

Being part of this workshop holds a lot of benefits:
o you can get inspired for future projects and collaborations
o you get insights in methodological approaches how to involve marginalized citizens (in this workshop refugees) in Smart City or related projects
o it is an excellent way to become familiar with the NodiCHI conference and the community and extend your network
o you can share your experiences and opinions
o you can be an advocate for the vulnerable target group you work with and give them a voice or share
        information on a political, economic, ecological, administrational or developmental level with the other
        workshop participants to create realistic implications for ethical future environments

o Applications will be selected based on their quality, compliance with the workshop themes, and the extent
       (and diversity) of their backgrounds.
o The workshop is planned as a one-day event with sub-group work sessions
o Pre- and follow-up activities are planned prior and after the workshop.
o Upon acceptance, at least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop and
        register for the conference.

See the main conference site for more information on registration:

For questions please contact: (Laura Scheepmaker, organizer)
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