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Your answers to the questions below will help me to assist you in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Thank you, in advance, for your responses.


Liz Johnson
Getting to Know Your Information
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Home Buying Information
Please describe the items you NEED in a home: (if it does not have the following you will not buy the home. For instance, at least 3 bedrooms, basement)
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Please describe the items you WANT in a home: (these are preferred options but you may still buy the home. For instance, 2 car garage, sitting room, 1 acre lot)
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What specific neighborhoods, communities or areas do you have in mind? What attracts you to these areas?
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What, if any, specific parameters do you want or need in your next move? Ex: Special needs schools, specific areas to live because of work, etc.?
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How long have you been looking for a home?
How have you gone about your search?
How many homes have you bought or sold in the past?
Where do you live now?
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Are you renting or do you own your current residence?
What is your plan for your current residence (if you own it)?
The next step is a personal, confidential meeting at my office, what days and/or times are best for you?
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What are the best days and/or times for you to look at properties?
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What question or questions should I have asked, but didn't?
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