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The FGLI (First-Generation Low-Income) Community Initiative is collecting a list of Yale alumni who identify as first-generation and/or low-income as part of its programming designed to connect Yale FGLI students outside of campus. Given the inherent trailblazing experience of FGLI students, navigating college and life beyond can seem like an intimidating concept, especially when students perceive that they are the only ones in their situation.

To work against this narrative, the Woodbridge Fellow (under the Center for Teaching and Learning & the Dean's Office) is collecting a list of volunteer alumni that are willing to have their information shared on the First-Generation Low-Income at Yale website ( Students can then learn about and get connected to Yale alumni, and discuss life at Yale as well as career perspectives.

Additionally, alumni can sign up to a monthly newsletter with updates on what FGLI students on-campus are doing, along with featured student profiles.

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