BBBR / BBR Pre-Adoption Questionnaire
Boise Bully Breed Rescue (also Boise Black Dog Rescue, Boxer Rescue of Boise)

"A pet is a lifetime commitment"

Boise Bully Breed Rescue requires a home visit prior to adoption, and requires all dogs in the adoptive home to be spayed or neutered.

If you live out of state please note that if the dog doesn’t work out for you and your family you will be responsible for returning the dog to a BBBR representative in Boise, ID.

PLEASE NOTE:  Incomplete applications will not process; please be sure to provide an answer to all required questions.

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Do you currently: *
If you rent, we require proof from your landlord that you are allowed to have a dog.  Please provide your landlord's name and phone number.
Is there a breed ban in the area in which you currently live? *
Do you plan to move soon? *
Will you take the dog with you if you move? *
Do you have a fenced yard? *
What type of fencing do you have, and how tall is it?
How big is your yard? *
How many people live in your household? *
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How many children are in your household, and what are their ages? *
Do you currently own other pets? *
How many dogs? *
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How many other pets?
Are all your dogs/cats spayed or neutered? *
If not spayed/neutered, why not?
Why do you wish to adopt a dog/Bully Breed? *
Is everyone in the household in favor of adopting a dog? *
Are your friends/ social circle aware that you want to adopt a APBT? *
Are they supportive of your decision? *
Have you ever owned a dog before? *
If so, where is the dog now?
If not, have you had any previous contact with dogs of this breed?
Where do you plan to keep the dog? *
How do you plan to exercise your dog? *
Where will the dog stay during the day or night when left alone? *
Are you familiar with crating? *
Do you own a crate? *
How many hours a day will your dog spend unsupervised? *
Where will the dog sleep at night? *
Are you ready to make a long term commitment (a dog can live for 10-15 years)? *
If you experience a life change (move, divorce, new baby), how will this affect the adopted dog? *
Have you ever taken an obedience class with a dog? *
Are you willing to work with a trainer to solve any behavioral problems that may develop? *
Who is your local veterinarian?  Please provide his/her name and phone number. *
Can you afford vet visits, quality food, and all the supplies that promote a pet's health and happiness? *
If you are selected to adopt a BBBR dog, will you agree to the following:  I will keep the dog current on health checkups and vaccinations; I will not tie or chain the dog as a primary means of confinement; and, I will notify BBBR if for some reason the dog does not work out in my home. *
Please provide two references - include their name, relationship to you, phone number (if you are under the age of 21, please provide a parent/guardian as one of your references): *
Please describe any animal experience, activities or any other information you think it would be helpful for us to consider: *
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